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Leverage your thinking preferences

Communication styles play a significant part in the success of organisational change. Thinking preferences – also referred to as communication styles – have an impact on virtually everything we do including communication, decision making, problem solving and leading change. Understanding your thinking style preferences – or your communication style – can give you a new perspective of yourself and people you deal with every day.

You can use the Whole Brain® Model as a way of making sense of your operating environment and culture because thinking is thinking. The Whole Brain® Model acts as a translator in any ethnic, national or company culture.  Whole Brain® thinking is scaleable as a concept for individuals, pairs, teams, divisions, countries and the globe because it:

  • acts as a unifying principle
  • improves productivity, communication and management
  • builds understanding of reactions to change
  • leverages cross-cultural differences and diversity.

Ways to use the Whole Brain® Model Profile:

  • Before attending a WiserChange™ Education Program to maximise your effectiveness to connect and communicate with people you’re leading through change.
  • A mechanism to understand yourself, others’ reaction to change, and to enhance your communication style when leading change.

A 1 hour debrief and coaching conversation can be added to the Whole Brain® Model Profile.

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