Readiness Indicator

Create conditions for successful business change

How effectively you manage the people side of business change can make or break a project. Consider:

  • How well did you understand the people risk on your last change project?
  • Did you right-size your effort to match the risk?
  • Were you able to quickly assess and adapt your action to address the dynamic nature of the people challenges?

Change is situational; we can’t apply a cookie-cutter approach to managing change. A leader’s influence, an organisation’s norms, and the experience of past changes will play out in the background of your next change project.

Project success, therefore, relies on an early understanding of your organisation’s unique people challenges. With a complete and realistic understanding of these complexities you can develop and implement a rigorous plan that prepares your organisation properly for change.

The WiserChange™ Readiness Indicator assesses your organisation’s preparedness on all dimensions of the business change from the internal individual transitions such as an employee’s thoughts, feelings and concerns, to the more discrete organisational transitions such as the introduction of a new IT system.

Benefits include:

  • Sharing and validating findings facilitates understanding, alignment and commitment in your business around the impending change.
  • Preparing your organisation for success by knowing the right action to take on your next business change project.

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