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Gain skills for managing the people side of projects

‘It’s not the changes that do you in, it’s the people transitions.’ William Bridges

Are you measuring the success of projects by only cost, quality and time? The traditional metrics fall short today because the value of stakeholder satisfaction is being recognised as more important.

Successful Program and Project Managers:

  • Ensure that change management is an integral part of the project management process.
  • Realise behavioural and cultural change is crucial to project success.
  • Manage project risk by gaining early insight to people challenges and complexities, with action to follow.
  • Right-size change management effort to the scale and risk of business change.
  • Reduce ambiguity and resistance by managing stakeholder expectations, awareness and preparedness.
  • Build strong people support for their projects.

WiserChange™ for Program and Project Managers provides you with the skills and tools to manage the people side of projects, helping you deliver controlled and cost effective change.

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