Equip managers to be a lever for organisational progress and prosperity

‘Middle managers are ambassadors between top management and the workforce and between the many teams that make the organisation function.’ Paul Osterman

Managers are the glue that keeps organisations together through times of change. With leaner organisations and more rapid change as the norm, the manager’s role is more important than ever when it comes to strategic execution–adopting fast and effective change at the front line.

Successful leaders of change understand how to:

  • Make sense in rapidly changing and uncertain times.
  • Translate vision into action.
  • Make tactical correction as required–deciding what to start, stop and continue.
  • Treat resistance as a source of knowledge.
  • Sustain employee productivity and client satisfaction.

WiserChange™ for Managers helps you to act boldly and with confidence during organisational change. This interactive workshop is designed to prepare you for change with techniques to transition your team effectively.


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