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Govern organisational risk and deliver on strategic outcomes

‘The decisions and follow through of leaders during a time of change make the difference between a sustainable business change, delivering benefits with minimal disruption to employees and customers, and a failed one.’ WiserChange™

Think back to your last change initiative. Were the timeframes met? Were your actions aligned with your words? Were colleagues and clients satisfied with outcomes?

Successful leaders of change, change managers and sponsors understand how to:

  • Motivate using a compelling vision.
  • Remain flexible and make personal changes to align their actions, behaviours and attitudes with a change.
  • Treat resistance as a source of knowledge.
  • Coach others to see the opportunity in change.

WiserChange™ for Leaders and Sponsors arms you with practical solutions to accelerate controlled and cost effective change, delivering sustained ROI. This interactive workshop prepares you for change then teaches you techniques to transition others effectively.

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