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Equip your leaders to achieve sustained organisational change.

WiserChange™ Education Programs provide role-based action learning: our Learn-Do-Reflect-Share process takes each participant on an exploration of their change role through real time application of a workplace initiative. We prepare you for change and then teach you techniques to transition others effectively.

‘These are not training programs. The education facilitates real change within the business. We enjoyed working with the team to create a solution together. They also ensured that the solution was properly supported within the organisation to build traction around behaviour change.’ Organisational Development Manager, Environmental Resources Management

‘The education provided excellent insight for the team. It started out as just a change management education program, but delivered much more than we anticipated. The team gained real insight around the way they interact with the business. Already we have seen the team taking a different approach and using different language to better engage their business counterparts.’ General Manager HR and Organisational Effectiveness, OneSteel Recycling

WiserChange™ Education Programs Duration Delivery Method
WiserChange™ for Leaders & Sponsors 1 day Face to Face
Govern organisational risk and deliver on strategic outcomes. 4 weeks Webinar Series
WiserChange™ for Managers 2 days Face to Face
Equip managers to be a lever for organisational progress and prosperity. 8 weeks Webinar Series
WiserChange™ for Program & Project Managers 2 days Face to Face
Gain skills for managing the people side of projects. 8 weeks Webinar Series
Communicating for WiserChange™ ½ day Face to Face
Gain skills for conducting change enabling communications. 2 weeks Webinar Series
    • All programs can be tailored to your organisation’s unique requirements and delivered on site at your organisation. More about WiserChange™ Tailored Programs.
    • Maximum of 20 participants per program.
    • Scheduled on demand.
    • Prices, brochures, and program schedules are subject to change without prior notice.
    • To receive maximum benefit, WiserChange™ Education program participants are strongly recommended to meet workshop pre-requisites before attending a workshop.
    • Workshop-related materials will only be distributed to WiserChange™ Education program participants who register for, attend and complete Face to Face workshops.


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