Change Pulse Survey template

A free template to help you prepare
for successful organisational change.

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What is it? The Change Pulse Survey is a template that you can use straight away to find out exactly what you need to focus on as a priority to prepare for change – successfully.

Whether you’re the Project Sponsor or you’re leading the change project, early awareness and action around your people challenges are critical to preparing your organisation for change.  This ready-to-use Change Pulse Survey template will:

Help you to create a framework: learn the 8 Critical Success Factors for making change stick;

Save time and effort: identify where your organisation is lacking focus, helping you to prioritise actions and effort;

Get connected with stakeholders: gauge stakeholders beliefs, feelings and attitude towards the proposed change so you can shape your communications to engage at all levels;

Get people smart: get a quick snapshot of realistic complexities within your organisation so you can create and execute a rigorous plan that’s aligned with your current environment.

Today is your day for Change!


How effectively you manage the people side of organisational change can make or break a project. About 70% of change initiatives fail because the people issues, impacts and risks were not properly identified and addressed through careful communication, budgeting, resourcing, and leadership.