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Our clients recognise the importance of their people and the corporate value in equipping them to see the opportunities in change; an engaged workforce supports agile business.  We’ve been privileged to support many reputable organisations in their management of change, and here is a selection of what they had to say:

“I have had the pleasure in working alongside Bev and the WiserChange™ team on a change initiative at Cuscal. The team truly understands the value of people in an organisation and the importance of effective change planning; impact and readiness assessment; and execution led by effective leadership. Their work is not only best practice, it is also practical and simple for employees at all levels to embrace. Bev’s energy has a positive impact on others around her.” Head of People & Culture, Cuscal

“I found the content for the WiserChange™ program to be incredibly key to creating a professional delivery practice focussed on driving outcomes through people engagement. The content of this program is fundamental for a recently merged integration and growth focussed company such as Vodafone Hutchison Australia who wants to ensure success is delivered through highly engaged and achievement oriented staff. Through impressive stakeholder management and communication, Bev and the team provided a full-circle service–tailoring the content to my needs, training the team, holding the team to account for learning, providing executive training for myself and my leadership team to ensure we understood the material to support our teams, and also obtaining project stakeholder and self assessment feedback to ensure learnings were being maximised by practitioners.” General Manager – Integration & Program Delivery Vodafone Hutchison Australia

“The education used innovative techniques to build change leadership capability in my team of logic-based engineers. The program, tailored to meet our specific needs, comprised of one-to-one WholeBrain™ Thinking coaching; education sessions; as well as real time support as team members applied tools and techniques in the business. The education has given my team a language to cross the cultural divide and engage business counterparts, traders and operational staff. The team is delivering initiatives and being leaders of change, succeeding in steering the culture to one of safety and improvement.” Scott O’Connor, General Manager Operational Excellence OneSteel Recycling

“These are not training programs. The education facilitates real change within the business. We enjoyed working with the team to create a solution together. They also ensured that the solution was properly supported within the organisation to build traction around behaviour change.” Nicky Batt, Organisational Development Manager Environmental Resource Management

“A short but engaging 1/2 day was spent with Abby to “same page” my HR team on the principles of organisational change.  The session provided the team with a common language as well as some key tools that we’ve since tailored for projects.  I used the training as a platform to discuss the needs of managing people risk – especially on “high-risk”, high profile projects such as the recent Tomago to Stroud Transmission Project.  Our biggest hurdle has been finding time and resource to focus on this important activity for our projects.  I keep coming back to the 8 key levers of change to help me identify greatest risk areas and channel my effort with more technically-based managers.  Being able to transpose the ‘change jargon’ into pratitcal applications and outcomes is often the key to engagement and hence success!” Jason Eagleton, Manager Human Resources  PowerServe 

The WiserChange™ team is employed to deliver our Change and Innovation workshop for leaders of both professional and academic staff. An overwhelming positive response from workshop participants has ensured that it stays on the annual program.  We’ve enjoyed working with the WiserChange™ team. They practice what they preach – open to suggestions and change, when it comes to improving the experience for participants.  Associate Director, Organisational Development University of Newcastle

“Your organisation has provided News with a perspective and skill set that it simply doesn’t have internally–and that’s exactly what you want from a third party.  From my perspective your team has made a significant contribution, not just to specific project outcomes, but also to enhancing the innovation process which News now adopts. Your ability to adapt to a challenging culture, while still delivering on the core objectives has been key.  I would not hesitate to use you again.”  Director Operations, The Australian News Limited

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